The evaporators are heat exchangers. In an evaporator the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air that passes through its fins and is converted from liquid to gaseous form. Its cooling capacity depends on its surface and its technology. There are 3 basic evaporator technologies:


Εξατμιστές - Τύπου σωλήνα και ψύκτρας (tube and fin) Εξατμιστές - Τύπου σερπαντίνας (Serpantine) Εξατμιστές - Παράλληλης ροής (Laminate)
1. Tube and fin 2. Serpantine 3. Laminate


The O.E. air conditioning units use nowadays exclusively laminate evaporators that have higher efficiency and high cooling capacity with smaller dimensions. Unfortunately due to the way they are built they are more sensitive to corrosion.

At ILEP- CryoTech we import and distribute all types of evaporators.

Apart from evaporators core we offer a large range of complete specialized evaporators suitable for special models for first installation as well as evaporators of general use of horizontal or verical installtion suitable for the installations for special applications.


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