At ILEP - CryoTech we have made collaborations with specialized factories abroad in order to offer to our customers solutions for the retrofitting and lining of the cargo/ passenger area of vehicles. Therefore, we import and we can install special covers made out of ABS plastic for the conversion of the vehicles’ loading compartment. With these covers, we are able to transform the vehicle’s cargo area into one that is washable, waterproof and resistant to disinfection, thus improving the vehicle’s functionality for professional or personal use. Therefore, these special covers are suitable for applications such as medicine distribution, for vans transporting products at room temperature (according to HACCP), for animal transport, for logistics, for couriers, for mortuaries, for mobile workshops and offices, for caravans etc, where combined with the installation of an air condition or refrigeration unit, we can provide to the customer a constant temperature in the loading/passenger area at any season of the year.

Following you will find the available categories of covers, which are available for most vehicle models as well as electric vehicles:

  • Cover ABS
  • Cover Plus – for light insulation +2°C to +10°C
  • Covers for the vehicle’s rear doors (where it is possible for the installer to add extra insulating material up to 60mm)
  • Delivery box for scooters – Scoover