Basic principle and commitment of ILEP- CryoTech and philosophy of its staff is to provide to its customers products and services that fully comply with their stated requirements, according to the specifications that the company has appointed as well as with the regulatory and legal framework.

The continuous improvement of the quality in all of its activities and from all of the employees is considered fundamental part of the company’s business plan and its objectives.

In order to accomplish the above ILEP- CryoTech’s administration:

  • Has adopted Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001 : 2015, that it applies in all of the company’s activities that have an impact in the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its clients.
  • Monitors and evaluates systematically the operating mode and condition of its equipment.
  • Reviews and improves continuously the characteristics of its products, to the level that this is possible, as well as the effectiveness of its procedures and as a result to the total of its Q.M.S.
  • It appoints measurable and objective targets for the quality on a corporate level, on an operational level of its departments or/ and its procedures. These objectives are established and evaluated as to the extent they can be attained in the context of the Review of the Q.M.S. by the company’s administration.
  • Invests in the continuous training, briefing and education of its executives, in order to promote the Quality in each of their activities.
  • Provides the essential resources for the continual, efficient and effective operation of each of the company’s Department.
  • Monitors, measures and evaluates the critical parameters and Objectives in order to ensure and improve Quality.


Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, ILEP- CryoTech recognizes and rewards team work as well as individual effort, invests to its human recourses, respects the client, the community and the environment.

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ISO 9001 : 2015