Do you want to get rid of the bacteria growing in your vehicles air conditioning unit? Please do not hesitate to ask our technicians to disinfect your car’s air conditioning system.

Bacteria, microbes, mold and fungi grow inside the air ducts and system’s filters regardless of the air conditioning usage. These outbreaks are the main factor of unpleasant odors occurring during the use of the air conditioning and have an impact on the passengers’ health, creating side effects such as headaches, respiratory problems and allergies.

At ILEP - CryoTech we disinfect your car’s air conditioning system using certified, green products. The system MIST disinfects simultaneously the evaporator, the vents as well as the car’s cabin. Therefore, after it has been applied in combination with replacing the pollen filter we assure you that there won’t be any bacteria outbreaks.

The system MIST vaporizes the disinfectant creating a mist of the disinfectant (hence the system’s name MIST). The tiny vapor droplets pervade every part of the system, thus cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly your car.

Being specialists in the field of automotive air conditioning we recommend that you regularly replace the pollen filter, preferably every six months, instead of annually which is the maximum period that the filter may not be replaced. It is important that you replace the pollen filter as the air incoming to the cabin is filtered not only when you are using the air condition during the summer but also when you are using the heating during the winter.

It is therefore vital in order for you to breathe cleaner air and to maintain your health not to neglect the annual disinfection of the air conditioning system and the replacement of the pollen filter.


*Typical cost to disinfect the air conditioning system and to replace the filters 45 € + VAT (the price depends on the type of car as the price differentiates from the type of pollen filter that is suitable for your car). Time needed for disinfection 30 minutes.

- Dust and bacteria that grow inside the air conditioning system and requires disinfection -