At ILEP- CryoTech we have as priority to repair any technical issue that an air conditioning unit, refrigeration unit or compressor may have, in order to offer to our clients the best possible price for the problem that has arisen. We have the necessary know how, expertise and experience to diagnose and rectify any technical problem your air conditioning or refrigeration unit has. Our specialization on air conditioning and refrigeration units, the guidance from a Mechanical Engineer and the high-tech diagnostic equipment, ensure that the right diagnosis is made. From our large range of spare parts stock our technicians will promptly solve the problem and will ensure that the real cause has been repaired and they have not just addressed the symptoms, which guarantees that you won’t need to return for further repairs.

At ILEP- CryoTech we specialize at the maintenance of air conditioning units of:

  • Passenger vehicles original equipment and after market
  • Trucks original equipment and after market
  • Vehicles for transporting staff, minivan and coach
  • Construction machinery at the clients’ site


But also transport refrigeration units,

  • Chillers
  • Freezers


At ILEP- CryoTech we have available a large range of spare parts for the compressor that allows us to repair your vehicle’s air conditioning compressor, which you may bring it at our workshop either inside or outside your vehicle.