At ILEP- CryoTech we possess the necessary technical expertise and experience to design and manufacture air conditioning units for any special application.

Our initial developments go back in early 2000 when in collaboration with reputable manufacturers the first air conditioning units were completed specifically for the Greek market. Based on the experience gained in designing manufacturing evaluating and testing that was acquired by Cooltemp, a O.E. supplier for Ford, General Motors and Mitsubishi Australia, the research and development department of ILEP- CryoTech was founded. Since then initially were designed and built air conditioning units for passenger vehicles (some of which were exported to Belgium, Spain, Israel, Cyprus and Sweden) and later on unit for special applications such as construction machinery, rollers, forklifts, military vehicles and agricultural machinery.

At ILEP- CryoTech the production procedures ensure top quality and reliability of the units as the highest quality materials are always used. The precision standards hydroelectric crimping machine designed exclusively for the assembly of hoses for refrigeration units, achieves optimum crimping of the hoses while the extensive range of fittings allows the construction of any high pressure hose. It is also possible to form aluminum piping’s.

Utilizing the developed from the research and development department of ILEP- CryoTech vacuum forming equipment ABS plastics of any design and shape can be formed, while at the electric department electrical harnesses can be designed, manufactured and testet.