Is your heater not working sufficiently? Does it produce lukewarm air or is there warm water leaking inside the cabin? At ILEP – CryoTech we undertake the repair as well as the replacement of your vehicle’s heater.

The repair process is carried out on vehicles with clogged heaters, in other words when on putting the heating on, the air entering the cabin feels lukewarm instead of hot. This unclogging though does not always restore the radiator performance to 100%.

In case you feel that the heater’s performance has not improved, then the next step is to replace it. In most vehicles it is necessary to remove the dashboard in order to replace the heater. Our specialized technicians can remove and replace your vehicle’s dashboard in order to replace your heater.

Time needed to repair a heater: around 20 minutes

Time needed to remove and replace dashboard to replace the heater: 1 working day

An additional factor that may affect the performance of your vehicle’s heating is the operation of the dumpers that regulate the temperature in the cabin (heating/ cooling). These dumpers act as “doors” that allow the passage of cold or hot air depending on the desired temperature set in the cabin. In some cases these dumpers may be repaired by our technicians, but there are some cases were the only solution to your heating problem is to replace them.

At the same time, there are some cars in which the dumpers are made of metal with round grooves on their surface to make them lighter in their movement. These types of dumpers are insulated by the automotive companies with a special foam-like material to prevent air mixing from the cooling and the heating circuit respectively, so that the air entering the cabin is either hot or cold depending on what the driver determines. Over the years however, this insulation deteriorates and the air passes through the dumpers’ grooves resulting in the efficiency of both the heater and the air conditioner not being satisfactory. For example look at the following pictures:



In case there are temperature losses due to these types of dumpers, the driver will notice foam-like particles being blown out through the vehicle’s air ducts whenever the air condition or the heater is on. The driver must be especially careful because these foam pieces can get into the driver’s eye while driving, which is particularly dangerous.

If you notice any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us in order for our technicians to insulate your dumpers for the efficient operation of the air conditioning system (cooling & heating). This repair is done by appointment and the vehicle must stay in our workshop for one working day to complete the insulation.